Happy holidays from the housekeeping and laundry staff here at ECH! We hope your holidays are filled with love, joy, and great blessings! A few reminders from our departments since it is the season of gifts and food. When bringing new clothes if you could mark their initials on them or let our staff know that they have received a new item so we can mark it for you. When bringing in food please make sure they are in closed or resealable containers so it doesn’t get stale, and they can enjoy their goodies!! Again, we really want to thank everyone for their love, support, and patience you have given over this past year and know that we strive every day to make sure your loved one is in a safe and clean environment. Thank you so much and we will continue to do and give our best every day! Happy holidays!

With love from all of us in the housekeeping and laundry staff here at ECH!

Misty Grover

Environmental Services Supervisor