Christmas is just around the corner, and I am often asked what someone can give their loved one.  My favorite answer is always the gift of time.  Time isn’t always the easiest to give with work schedules and the pandemic.

We have become creative giving our time with visiting outside windows and using technology.  However, this can be confusing to some who have memory concerns. 

Blankets and grippy socks are good ideas for those who are always cold.  Bird feeders are good for those who like to look outside.  As a reminder, please store unused bird seed in a plastic tote.

Paid hair appointments, toiletries, subscriptions to favorite magazines or newspapers are wonderful ideas.  For those tenants with reading difficulties, audio books are enjoyable and easy to use.

Birthday goodies to share for all tenants is always a favorite way to spread joy.  A box of all occasion cards and stamps is another way to spread joy to loved ones.  Addresses are always helpful too.

We have a lot of crafty tenants and bakers, so craft supplies and baking goods.  Walker trays to carry items back to apartments.  Games or puzzles to share.  Everyone always loves a new deck of cards. The last item is a photo album with pictures, and labels of who is in the picture and where the picture was taken. This can be time consuming, I know, but it can time well spent with your loved one. Think of the stories to be told and who remembers what. Oh, what fun!

Happy Holidays!

Valerie Canby, RN

Assisted Living Director