Every time I look at my residents, I try to imagine how their life was before they came to live with us and if life turned out the way they would like to. I imagine them younger and running around with their families, laughing or worried, eating, going to work, or just watching some TV. I imagine that life sneaked up on them so fast and time rushed by in a speed that caught them by surprise. They fed us, they dressed us, they raised us, they sacrificed for us and now it is our turn to do that for them. It is our turn to smile when they spill something on their clothes or give them our hand so they can walk safely towards where they want to go. It is our turn to say “please, do not put your finger here. You will get hurt”. Or to tell them that they cannot go outside because it is too cold. It is our turn to love them back as they loved us.

As life evolves, however, us, adults become busy with our kids’ school, sports, work and our own families and we find ourselves worried. How am I going to care for my loved one when I do not have the TIME to do so? How am I going to ensure they are going to be fed, dressed and safe? How am I going to ensure they are not bored and are getting the care they need?

That is why Edgewood Convalescent Home exists! We can provide that care. We can ensure they are fed, dressed, entertained and safe. Our facility’s staff works hard every single day to give our residents the best. Our staff will hold their hands when they need. They will help them out of bed and comfort them. They will patiently explain things in a manner our resident can understand. Our staff helps our elderly to navigate through life and that is what makes this job so special!

Gisele Carbone Kruger