December is the start of the Christmas season. We just put out the decor after Thanksgiving, as I am a full believer in celebrating each season before moving on to the next. We are excited to share all of the joy this season has. We are going to be busy with our cookie/candy making for our own cookie walk here at Lincolnwood. So, if you have a recipe make sure you send it on in to Lincolnwood.

This year I have created an Amazon Wishlist. It has equipment and items on it that we would love to use for crafting, puzzles, and cooking. If you are interested in donating to our cause please purchase on the link or contact me.   Always we are looking for donations for Bingo Prizes as well.

We look forward to celebrating birthdays in December for Marie Pasker and our administrator Giselle Kruger. As well we will be having our Christmas party on December 23. If you are wanting to join your loved one for Christmas Day lunch please RSVP soon, the Assisted Living will be at 11 am on Christmas Day.

Tracey Romig

AL Recreation Program Director