Hello from the Environmental and Laundry staff here at ECH!

Hope everyone is staying warm in this cold weather. As always in environmental we are continuing to disinfect everything we can to not only keep your loved ones home clean but also to keep the germs away. Laundry staff is continuing to keep clothes clean and fresh. Christmas brought a lot of new articles of clothing in, and I feel we did good at getting them all marked for your loved one. Thank you to all who donated or gifted to our residents!

Attention all families, since the residents closets are unable to hold a lot of items and we don’t have enough room to store everyone’s extra personal belongings, if you could please come in and take anything that is not needed and switch out any older clothing for the new seasons that will be coming up.

As always thanks for the love and support from our community!

Misty Grover

Environmental Services Supervisor