Hello July!!

What a great month to celebrate. Let freedom ring. I hope you all have a safe and wonderful 4th of July.

Activities are in full force. The residents continue to exercise twice a week. We also do exercise activities such as bean bag toss, ladder ball, bowling, and balloon tennis.

Pastors from our local churches have been coming in to provide our residents with church service.

This month we plan to get the residents out and taking them for golf cart rides as long as the weather corporates and setting out in the beautiful sunshine and play games. Chef Kevin will be coming this month and sharing some wonderful food samples with us. We will be having a short story on, “The Dog Days of Summer”. The residents continue to enjoy doing our crafts. The residents will be making a flag out of popsicle sticks and a napkin. The residents enjoy learning many different things. They enjoy learning games; one specific game is called the State Plate Game. I have 50 states wrote on 50 paper plates laid out on the floor, they take a bean bag and toss it on a plate, and I give them a choice of state facts and they have to tell me which one goes with that state. They have a lot of fun with this game. Continue to watch us on Facebook for all our fun activities that we post.

Destiny Ortman

Recreation Program Director