Greetings!  It is hard to believe I am already closing in on one month with Edgewood Convalescent Home and Lincolnwood Assisted Living.  What a great community!  I have had a very warm welcome and I am very pleased to be part of an outstanding organization.  In each building I have worked I am always challenged with who comes first the residents or the team members.  It is like the old question about the “chicken or the egg 😉” You have great, happy, and content residents when you have great, helpful, kind and compassionate team members.  Residents are at their best when employees are at their best.  I am well pleased.  We have both!  What a great place to be!

Families and volunteers are another very important part of a great long term care community.  We are seeking volunteers that would like to help us with serving our residents.  If you have a talent to share, a skill, or just time to share your heart, we would love to have you.  We have many individuals that enjoy sitting outdoors, crafting, playing cards, conversing, praying, reminiscing, and this list goes on.  If you can share your time, we would love to have you.  Contact us if you would like to help us.


Cheri Orcutt