Hello out there and Happy Easter.  I hope everyone is doing their best to stay home and self isolate.  We have been doing our best to stay busy with activities. Residents are offered puzzle sheets such as word search, unscramble and fill in the blank. We are playing hallway bingo,  people are given tables to play in their doorway. We play one hallway at a time. Today our baby chicks are hatching, and we are expecting a visit from the Easter Bunny. Everyone is excited about seeing the new chicks,  of course one person at a time. 


We are offering Facetime, Skype and Zoom as a way to see and talk to your family member(s).   To Facetime you must have an Iphone or Ipad. To Skype or Zoom you must have a smartphone or a computer with a camera.  We use our IPad and can do any of the 3 from the Ipad. If you do not have any of these, you can come to the window and call us, we will bring your family member to the window along with a cordless phone to see you.  


Look for us on Facebook for pictures of what we are doing and what we have been up too.  Thank you to everyone who has donated the many items including homemade face mask, gloves, N45 mask, hand sanitizer and toilet paper.  We appreciate all of it. The love that has been shared from all of you is heartwarming. If you are out walking, notice our show of love for the community by putting hearts in the windows.  


Stay safe and God Bless all of you. 

Pam Wille 

Recreation Program Director