As I was doing my workout one day and heard the trainer say: "Always leave your comfort zone because nothing grows there". She was talking about weights and how we need to feel the burn and as a result, our muscles will grow.

We can translate that to our personal lives too. Growth is most of the time painful. To grow and be better, sometimes you must hear some not very pleasant things about yourself and your own behavior. That is usually painful because even though we say we accept constructive criticism; it is not an easy task. It is hard to sit and listen to our shortcomings.

To grow, however, we need to take the pain. Reflect on it and try again. And try better. And try harder!!

There is no growth when all you hear is praise.

There is no growth in never wanting to hear an opinion that is different than yours.

We have to go through the pain and when we do, we need to remind ourselves that we can come out stronger and better. Physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Challenge yourself to open your heart. Take it all in. Sort it all out. And grow!!

Gisele Carbone Kruger