Happy Spring Everyone!

It is so wonderful to see the melting snow and watch the brown turn into green.  It is such an exciting time of year.  Here at the facility, there are also many exciting new things happening.  We are now able to have clergy back in the building for worship services.  We are so grateful for our clergy men and women and look forward to seeing their smiling faces and hearing their voices in our facility again.  We also can now have children visit!  What a blessing this is for our precious grandfathers and grandmothers to be able to see their beloved young ones again.  There is nothing quite as joyful as the love of a child.  It has been a long, tough year but good things are happening, and we will continue to follow the guidelines from CMS and the CDC to ensure our residents are safe.  It sure feels good to share some good news!

As always, we keep the memories of all our lost loved ones close to our hearts. 

Enjoy this beautiful spring weather.

Sara McCool, Administrator