Where did the month of July go? It’s now August and we are busy as a bee here in the activity department. This month is packed full of fun and interesting activities.

To start off, did you know that the first week in August is Farmers Market week? We will be supporting our local farmers by purchasing some sweet corn. Residents will be shucking the corn, and all will enjoy during lunch. During this week we will also play a fruits and vegetables matching game. To play the game residents will match each fruit and vegetable to the correct season it is grown. We will then discuss fun facts about each food item.  Our little garden is also growing here, we are getting lots of cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and a variety of peppers. Oh, how the residents love fresh vegetables.

Speaking of food this month we will have two cooking opportunities. The residents will be making their own personal mini pizzas and they will be preparing beach day Jell-O cups to go with a discussion about reminiscing on learning how to swim.

At ECH we know how important it is for residents to continue to learn and have discussions on an array of topics. This month we will be having a discussion on lighthouses and learning about famous lighthouses around the world. Two of which are here in the United States; Heceta Head Lighthouse and Portland Head Lighthouse. We will also be learning about lions and watching a documentary on them for National Lion Day on August 10th.

This month we will be trying a new guessing game called guess the texture. This will consist of different textures (water, salt, beans, etc.) in balloons and the residents will need to use their sense of touch to guess what’s inside the balloon.

We will continue to take residents outside to enjoy the nice warm weather! This month golf cart rides will be Saturday, August 21st but may appear on different days as well. We love to soak up the sun as much as we can!!

Destiny Ortman, Recreation Program Director