Lincolnwood Assisted Living

January 2019 has come and gone very quickly! Coming into February, of course is Valentine’s Day, also the Chinese New Year which is celebrated from 2/5/19 to 2/19/19. We will be celebrating the Chinese New Year at Lincolnwood with the tenants on 2/6/19 where we will be playing a game with chop sticks to see who can pick up the most items and discussing fun facts regarding the Chinese traditions during their New Year. The winner of the game will win a pair of golden chopsticks.

On a health note, we have come into flu season and luckily have been able to avoid this. Please help us continue this trend and try to avoid visiting if you are sick. If this is unavoidable, please wear a mask when visiting. Things to remember: cover your cough/sneeze, don’t share food/drinks with other people, and of course wash your hands at appropriate times. If you have any questions about if you should visit or not, please give us a call.

I hope everyone is having a safe and healthy 2019!! 

Nicole Borrett

Lincolnwood Assisted Living Administrator