Having photographs and videos of loved ones- are wonderful ways to capture moments that can be cherished in the years to come. Edgewood Convalescent Home does not prohibit taking photographs or videos of family members, however, recent rules and regulations put out by the state of Iowa and our federal government do restrict the transmission, display, or taking of electronic images of a resident without their consent. During your visit, if you would like a photograph or video of your family member, please ensure that no other resident or their property (ie. furniture, wall hangings, pictures, room décor…) are captured in the process and under no circumstances can images of other residents be shared or displayed through social media platforms. In efforts to uphold the safety and privacy of our residents and staff, the Edgewood Convalescent Home requests that only designated staff be asked to participate in taking photographs or videos of others. If you would like an image of yourself or family along with your loved one, our recreation department or administrative team will be happy to help you out.

Thank You!

Cindy Snyder

Director of Nursing