Staff Anniversaries:

Vicky Gibbs (CNA) – 5 years

Johnnie Durbin (CNA) – 2 years  

Kari Necker (Nurse) – 1 year

Emily McMurrin (Nurse) – 3 years

Breanna Vaske (Nurse) – 5 years

Kate Rawson (CNA) – 2 years


Thank you for your dedicated service!

Welcome to Our Team:

Hope Johnson – Dietary Supervisor

Naome Wells - CNA


Congratulations to Sue Dinan on her Retirement!  Sue has been a Nurse here for 42 years!  May you be proud of the work you have done, the person you are, and the difference you have made.

Also congrats to Emily McMurrin!  She passed her R.N. Boards!


Happy Birthday to:

Carol Worsham (Universal Worker) –3/1

Vicky Gibbs (CNA) – 3/5

Emily McMurrin (Nurse) – 3/7

Jessica Osterkamp (CNA) – 3/7

Audrey Payne (Nurse) – 3/11

Payton Ries (CNA) – 3/29