Hello Autumn! We are happy to welcome the sunny fall weather after all the rain we have had. It’s great to see all of the farmers busy with the harvest. Iowa is such an interesting place to live. You truly never know what the day will bring! It seems we have been experiencing multiple seasons in just one week’s time. Here at the Edgewood Convalescent Home we sure enjoyed our fall picnic. Thank you to everyone who came and shared in the day with us! It is so heartwarming to see this great community support one another!


The residents enjoyed seeing all the scary ghosts and ghouls who came to the facility for trick or treating. The residents were lined up and eagerly greeted each visitor. Our staff also celebrated by dressing up. We had a cow, a witch, cats, a nurse, a Hawkeye cheerleader, and a cowgirl. Such fun times and memories made.


As we enter the holiday season we want to remind everyone to try to spread kindness and cheer. This world can be difficult at times, but we want to focus on all the beauty that is around us. Learning to find the positive can help create inner peace and happiness. Positive thinking is not just putting on rose colored glasses and should not be thought of as a soft and fluffy term. Positive thinking should be linked with persistence and steadfastness! If we train our brains to find the positive in situations we create real value in our lives and we build skills that help ourselves and the ones we care for. We try to do this every day at the Edgewood Convalescent Home. I am humbled by this great staff and how they take difficult situations and find the positive. The impact of their positive thinking results in great care for our elderly residents! They deserve a home filled with love and smiles and that is what we work toward every day. So from all of us here at the facility, we implore you to find the positive and share your warmth and love with everyone around you! After all, in the end it really is all about love!


Sara McCool

BSN, RN, Administrator