Hello cool crisp mornings, days warmed by the sun.  November has arrived with better weather.  At least the rain stopped, and we are seeing the sun again.   It was a stressful month for farmers, wishing they could get into the fields. 

This November we celebrate Veterans Day and Thanksgiving.   We will celebrate Veteran Day by honoring our Veterans that have served at 2:00 p.m. on Veterans Day with songs, speech and cake.

Thanksgiving is another day to remember our blessings.   We are thankful for the Residents, their families and the staff that care for the residents.

Each month we try to incorporate something new or something that has not been done for a while.  This month we are planning to go to the play Snow white and the Prince, put on by Ed-Co school.  We plan to eat out at the Colesburg Country Club. We plan to honor our Veterans and celebrate Thanksgiving. 

We will be having our Family Christmas Soup/Sandwich Supper on December 19th.   

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Recreation Program Director