You may not appreciate them until you need something notarized, but notaries can stand
up and be recognized for their contributions
to society on November 7, Notary Public Day. What is a notary public? A notary is a state government official whose job it is to maintain integrity. They act as an official witness during the signing of official documents as a means
of thwarting fraud. Their duty is to screen signers
by verifying their true identity. They also make sure people know what they are signing and that people aren’t being forced to sign documents against their will. Notary publics often take center stage during many of life’s important moments: signing papers to buy a house, granting power
of attorney, even verifying college transcripts. Officials have carried this capacity since ancient Egypt when sesh, or scribes, acted as official witnesses and chroniclers of the pharaoh’s bureaucracy. Today, anyone can become
a notary public and, hence, a valued public
servant for the community.