Post-Holiday Blues

The Christmas decorations have been up since Thanksgiving. The gifts have been purchased, wrapped, delivered, unwrapped, and possibly returned. The meals have been cooked, divided up amongst family and friends, frozen, and reheated. The Christmas tree is down and New Year’s Day with resolutions came and went.

We are back to work, and the kids are back to school. It’s normal to have some sadness as we adjust to our normal routine again. Maybe seeing family, you haven’t seen in a while and old friends over the holidays has given you a new perspective on your employment or changed your focus on your current life goals. Maybe you have decided to go back to school, change jobs, or have started a new relationship. Perhaps you are still pondering your life goals.

There are things to help yourself from post-holiday blues. These include staying active with things you enjoy, talking to family and friends, attending church, and volunteering just to name a few. Some sadness may be normal, but if it deepens or doesn’t go away, you may need to seek assistance from a professional.

Have a safe and healthy 2022!

Valerie Canby, RN, BSN

Assisted Living Director