A big warm hug and hello from the Activity Department. I hope everyone had a safe holiday season. The new year is now upon us. I am planning on some new and exciting activities for the residents in the coming year. With a new year also comes new resolutions. In the month of January, we will be discussing our goals for 2021 and hope for a brighter future.  

To start us off, we will be celebrating a famous singer’s birthday. He sang “Blue Suede Shoes”, “Jailhouse Rock”, “It’s Now or Never”, “Love Me Tender”, and “Don’t Be Cruel” just to name a few. Have you guessed who this singer is? If you said Elvis Presley, you would be correct. To celebrate we will be playing ELVIS Bingo and enjoying one of Elvis’ favorite snacks, peanut butter and banana sandwich.  

Did you know activities provides an exercise regimen twice a week for residents to participate in? This seated exercise program occurs every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Residents exercise their muscles and joints from head to toe. This month, I will be introducing seated yoga along with our usual exercise program. Exercise and yoga are very beneficial to anyone at any age. Yoga is a great way to work on your strength and flexibility. Contrary to popular belief, it is not just for people who can touch their toes or want to meditate. Yoga has many benefits. It can help with back pain, help ease arthritis, is great for heart health, relaxes you to help you sleep better at night, and it can help you manage any stress that you may have!

On January 13th residents and staff will be celebrating Wacky Wardrobe Wednesday. Everyone is asked to dress “wacky”, such as a wacky outfit, hat, or socks. Residents will be making a shredded t-shirt scarf this day to go with their “wacky outfits”. Be looking for pictures of our “wacky” outfits on Edgewood Convalescent Home’s Facebook page. The following week, Monday, January 18th we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day by discussing his legacy as a prominent civil rights leader. After the discussion we will be making “Doves of Peace” in his honor.

Later that week residents will be designing and making their own paper airplane. After the airplanes are created, we will be flying them to see whose plane flies the fastest. To “wrap” up the month, residents will be using their creative side to make a “wrap and weave bowl” with many bright colors.

Destiny Ortman, Recreation Program Director

Wacky Wardrobe Day

Wednesday, January 13