We have been busy here at the Edgewood Convalescent Home. We are happy to announce we have a completely remodeled therapy room for our residents. The expanded therapy area is equipped with new exercise equipment including a Nu-Step, parallel ambulation bars, endurance and strengthening weights and balance balls. The new room is now in a more centralized location of the facility allowing for easier access for the residents. Feel free to stop in and check out our new therapy room and ask for a tour of our beautiful facility!

As a reminder, we have made some changes to our meal program for visitors. Our meal prices have been increased to $8.00 per meal for weekday meals and $10.00 for Sundays and holidays. We ask that you purchase meal tickets in advance from the business office to help eliminate the dietary staff from having to handle money. Please continue to give us a 24 hour notice if you will be eating with your loved one. As always, we encourage you to come to the facility and share a meal with your loved one! It makes their day to have you there!

Sara McCool

BSN, RN, Administrator