These are the questions that myself and Lincolnwood staff typically get from tenants/family/visitors so we figured we would put out a FAQ blurb for the newsletter.  If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.




  1.  Can anyone stay in the hospitality room?

Yes.  If you are planning to visit a tenant at Lincolnwood, you are welcome to use our hospitality room.  Please call ahead and reserve it for the dates that you will need it.  Multiple people use this room so I would hate to have you show up to use it and not be able to due to someone else has it reserved.  It is a free will donation to use the room.

  1. What are the cost of the meals at Lincolnwood?

The cost of the meals are $8.00 per person and $10.00 on any holiday and our monthly brunch.

  1. How much notice do we have to give if we want to eat a meal with a tenant?

We request at least a 24-hour notice if you plan to eat a meal at our facility so kitchen staff is able to prepare the proper amount of food for everyone.  We do understand that things happen/schedules change, so if a 24-hour notice is not possible please let us know as soon as you can.

  1. Do we have to RSVP for the monthly brunch?

It is not mandatory that you RSVP but it is highly recommended that you do out of respect for our cooks so they are aware of how much food to prepare.

  1. My loved one has fallen/had an incident.Why wasn’t I notified?

Tenants, unless cognitively impaired, get to make their own decisions.  If a tenant falls/has an incident of some sort and is cognitively intact and they inform staff not to call family to notify them, staff does not have to.  It is up to the tenant to notify family at that time.

  1. I’m the POA so why wasn’t I notified of this situation?

Tenant, unless cognitively impaired, get to make their health care decisions, not the family.  Just like in question/answer #5, if the tenant does not want family notified, staff does not have to notify family and it is up to the tenant to notify family.  There is specific wording in the power of attorney paperwork that states “this power exists only when I am unable, in the judgement of my attending physician, to make those health care decisions.”   So just because the POA paperwork is signed/dated/completed, it does not mean that the person who was decided to be POA gets all the information.  There are some occasions that the POA paperwork will state “this Power of Attorney shall be effective immediately, shall not be affected by my disability.”  The people involved in the POA decision need to be aware of which type of paperwork they are signing.

  1. Does Lincolnwood accept state funding if mom or dad run out of money?

Yes, we accept state funding to assist with the monthly cost of living at Lincolnwood.  Please keep us updated if you feel that you are running out of funds.  The process through DHS can take anywhere between 3-6 months to get everything put into place and services started so please keep this in mind if you are thinking that you will need assistance.  Until the state funding goes into effect, the tenant/family is still responsible to pay the monthly bill until that time.  Elderly Waiver (state funding for assisted living) does not back pay from the date of application until approved.  Elderly waiver starts once the entire process to start assistance is completed.

  1. Do we have to let staff know if we are taking our loved one out?

It is not mandatory that you let someone know but we would greatly appreciate it if you could let staff know somehow if you are taking someone out for a meal or for the afternoon, etc.  You can tell staff verbally, via note left in the apartment or left on the main kitchen counter, or call and let staff know that way.  This way staff is not looking for the tenant wondering what is going on.

Nicole Borrett BSN RN

Lincolnwood AL Director