As the Covid-19 threat remains upon us we continue to follow the direction of the CDC and the Iowa Department of Public Health.  As we all know, nursing home residents are at high risk for being affected by respiratory pathogens like COVID-19 and we have taken all possible measures to keep our residents and tenants safe.  Unfortunately, this means that visitors are still not allowed to come into the building at this time.  Many families have asked if we are allowing families to visit outside with residents at a social distance with a mask and sadly the answer is still no.  The recommendation from the experts is to continue with the window visits, Facetime, Skype, and other means of communication for our at risks residents.  We recognize this is an extremely difficult time for all of our residents, tenants, and families.  Please know that we care deeply for all of our residents and we will celebrate the day that visitors are allowed in the building.  We recognize the happiness our residents get from their in-person visits but that is just not possible now.  We will contact each of you once the visitation restriction is lifted.  If you would like to be in email communication with myself, please send your email to me at  Thank you all for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

Sara McCool, Administrator