Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is continuing to stay safe and healthy throughout the COVID19 pandemic. The facility is continuing to implement precautions to continue to have a COVID free facility. The staff continue to wear mask and eye protection every shift, while also being screened each day when they arrive and when they leave. We are still not allowing visits in person even if the residents are sitting outside. We want to continue to thank everyone for how cooperative residents and families are being during this difficult time period. Please continue to contact us if you are needing an updated picture of your loved one or want to talk with them via telephone, video chat, or window visit! We are happy to help in any way to get some interaction with your loved ones.

June 14th -20th  we celebrate National Nursing Assistants Week.  Our CNAs work hard to ensure our residents have basic needs of daily living met and go above and beyond to provide kind and compassionate care. We appreciate all they do for our residents. Please take time and thank the CNAs for everything they do!

“Think positive! For example: I fell down the stairs today and thought, “Wow! I sure fell down those stairs fast”” 😊

Brooke Glawe, DON