Just a few housekeeping reminders we’d like to share:

· Please make sure your loved one has a copy of their new Medicare card on file here at the facility. If there any changes in their insurance, please notify the office as soon as possible and bring in the new cards so a copy can be made.

· If there is a Power of Attorney or Living Will, please make sure the office has a copy of this for your loved ones file.

· When you are leaving the facility with your loved one, please make sure to sign out and in at the front office.

· You are welcome to join your loved one for a meal at any time! We do ask for notice if possible so we are able to set a spot for you and ensure we have enough food prepared. The cost for meals is $8 per plate on weekdays and $10 per plate on Sundays and Holidays. If there is an exception to this cost (our annual picnic/free events) we will be sure to make that known.

· If your loved one is receiving a newspaper at the facility, please contact the front office if there are any changes to the subscription.


Thank you for your help and support!

Amy Hanna