Hello everyone!!

May will be a busy month at the nursing home. For the week of Nursing Home Week (May 8th – 14th ) we will be doing many activities. We will be virtually traveling and talking about many countries and doing activities, during this week. Sunday kicks off with Mother’s and Muffins. Please come in get a muffin that will be in a basket and stop by your mom’s room and have a muffin with her for Mother’s Day. This will be from 9am – 2pm. Monday is Hawaiian Day; we will be wearing Hawaiian attire this day. The activities that we will be doing are making homemade leis and tie dying outside (weather permitting). Tuesday is Chinese Day; we will be wearing red and gold attire. The activities are making Chinese lanterns and virtually traveling to China. Wednesday is Italian Day; we will be dressing as Gondoliers. The activities are a marshmallow/spaghetti building challenge, piano and violin music by the Klett’s, and a cooking demonstration with Chef Kevin our corporate chef. Thursday is Brazilian Day; we will be dressing in green and yellow. For the activities we will be virtually traveling to Brazil while having delicious Brazilian food samples from our very own Administrator Gisele who is from Brazil and bingo. Friday is our local Farmer’s Day; we will be dressing up as farmer’s. The activities this day include residents and staff planting succulents plants together and  the residents cooking with the Ed-Co High School foods class. To end the week of Nursing Home Week on Saturday we are going to have a relaxing day of PJ Day; residents and staff will be wearing pj’s. The activity on Saturday will be a movie and snacking on popcorn.

We also celebrate Nurse’s Week which is normally celebrated May 6th – 12th. We are going to celebrate this a week later May 16th – 20th; that way we can differentiate the two weeks and their activities. Many activities will also take place this week. We will post all available pictures on the ECH Facebook site when they come available.

We continue to have church each month with the different denominations. Thank you all that come and do this for our residents. Other activities that our residents do include working on many word puzzles and other different puzzles as a group. We will also be doing activities that are referenced to Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day.

As a reminder, visitors are always welcomed. And the residents sure love seeing you all.

Destiny Ortman

Recreation Program Director