Lincolnwood is busy. We celebrated Easter with the kids Easter egg hunt and a visit from “Rose” the Easter Bunny. She made sure to visit each resident and left a sweet treat.

We are looking forward to summer. Exciting news is that the Vacation Bible School kids will be able to have Summer Bible School here again. That will be a busy time around here. Ava Kerns planted some fruit trees in the yard for her Girl Scout project of doing a Farm to Table plan. The goal is that these trees will provide fruit apples or pears for the tenants to enjoy. Ava will be maintaining the trees this summer and if tenants would like to help they are encouraged to.

We will be taking more trips in the bus as the weather is improving on April 28th the trip went through the Hazelton Amish, we saw field work being completed and discussed shopping for plants at the green houses.

Tracey Romig

AL Recreation Program Director