Happy November!

What makes you think of November more than delicious food. This month Lincolnwood tenants will be trying out some new receipts. Turkey bacon roll ups and apple spice cookies are a couple foods we will be making. We also celebrate the many courageous Veterans this month. Tenants will be making a craft for all our Veterans at Lincolnwood. We have many more fun activities planned this month so be sure to check out and like our Facebook page: Convalescent Home & Lincolnwood Assisted Living.

Lincolnwood is excited to have their Tenant Thanksgiving celebration on Thursday, November 18th with Carol cooking the turkey and all the fixings at lunchtime. With covid still going on I know it’s going to look a little different, but your family is in great hands, and we are more than thankful to share Thanksgiving Day with them.

Here is a little quote that was shared with me:

“Today be thankful and think of how rich you really are. Your family and friends are priceless, your time is gold, and your health is wealth.”

Madison Hutchinson

AL Recreation Program Director