Happy Fall!  With the weather changing and getting colder, there have been questions regarding space heaters.  Electric space heaters are allowed in Assisted Living only and must be plugged directly into the wall. 

Candle warmers and scented plug-ins are allowed also.  However, candle warmers can spill causing skin burns and damage to walls and counters, so please be careful.

Heating pads are also allowed in Assisted Living.  We strongly encourage using a heating pad with automatic shut off.  Heating pads also need to be used with caution as they can burn already sensitive skin.  Please ask if any questions.

Multiple plug-ins and extension cords are not allowed.  Surge protectors can be used to plug electronics into like computers, cell phone chargers, alarm clocks, and televisions.  Again, please ask if any questions.

Stay safe!

Valerie Canby

RN Director