Welcome Fall! This is one of my favorite times of the year when the nights are cooler to set around a campfire, and the days still stay a bit warm.

During the month of October, we will be doing many things. We will be doing some reminiscing about autumn and discussing this through a  couple of short stories one called, “Lost in the Leaves”, and the other “ An Autumn Walk in the Park. The residents will be doing an armchair travel to Morocco. They will explore the beautiful countryside, while learning about a different culture and lifestyles of the people of Morocco. On October 10th we will be talking about Columbus Day and making sailor’s hats.

In the fall we think about baking. This month we will be baking and making apple hand pies that you make in the air fryer. We have experimented with this before and the residents enjoyed it so that they asked if they could do it again.

On the crafts side of things, the residents will be decorating pumpkins, making a paper leaf wreath to hang on their door or in their room, making braided yarn dolls, and a craft I think the men will also enjoy doing, a fall truck craft out of craft sticks.

To end out the month the residents will be having  fun enjoying the October Birthday Party, we will be having a mini haunted house with the help of Care Initiatives Hospice, and a Halloween Party with the town Halloween Parade to follow.

Have a great October everyone!!

Destiny Ortman

Recreation Program Director