A couple of weeks ago the office assistant here at the Edgewood Convalescent Home said that I had a package from the Guttenberg Municipal Hospitals & Clinics (GMHC). My reply was that can’t be, I’m not missing anything from when I had breast cancer surgery. She said that we’d have a look at it. She brought the box back to my room and on top was black bag with beautiful stitching on it, “Fight ‘til you win! GMHC” under the bag was a beautiful throw with a white backing. I have used it everyday since then. There was an envelope with my name, Verla Schultz on it from the Guttenberg Hospital Radiology Department Staff and a gift card and picture of the Ed-Co Volleyball team. I have included this letter with the permission from the Radiology Staff.

As I put the items from the bag out for all the staff to here to see, Rose H. a CNA here said, I am one of the girls and have never seen what has been donated.” Other girls that belong to the volleyball team or help with Pink Night are Mariah Z., Mia K., Maci P., and Ella A. While they talked with me about Pink Night, they mentioned that their coach was Eileen Bergan and the assistant coaches were Mary Everett and Michelle Brady. Sara Friedmann is the freshman coach. The following items are what I received in the pink support bag and donation box: $150.00 Walmart gift card, pair of pink gloves, 2 pairs of soft socks, an adult coloring book with color pencils, a work out book, a memory book for adults, a black shawl (I wore this in the photo), 2 pkgs of note and thank you cards, a book of postage stamps, 2 magazine subscriptions, cocoa mix, hard candies, body cream, lip balm, a book from the authors of Chicken Soup for the Soul called “Hope and Healing for your Breast Cancer Journey”, and bracelet. What wonderful and useful gifts.

I am a lady of 88 years. I talk with my son Newell twice a day on an iPhone. I thank Tiny and Deb Weigel and their girls for seeing that I got to the hospital and was brought to the Edgewood Convalescent Home where I get such wonderful care. I love the town of Edgewood and it’s great to know I’ll be here the rest of life. I look forward to seeing my nieces and nephews again as they are so good to me. My heartfelt thank you to the Ed-Co Volleyball team, and GMHC for caring about me and for taking care of me. I have the girls’ volleyball picture hanging up in my room.

With Love and A Hug

Verla Schultz