Wow! August is gone and school has started. Where did summer fly off too?

Throughout the month of September, we will be doing many different intellectual and educational activities and learning to keep our minds active. We use math on a weekly basis for example at the end of any games that we play I have the residents help me add up the total scores to see the “winner”. We will be playing an Arithmetic BINGO. This game is like regular bingo with a twist. On some of the bingo squares there will be a mathematical problem to solve for that bingo number. Trivia, working on cranium crunches puzzles, and finish the lyrics are a few more intellectual activities we are providing this month. Another fun activity that residents will continue to learn is on the “Ageless American Alligator”. Here’s a fun fact: today’s alligators first appeared on Earth around 160 million years ago, they were called crocodilians. Isn’t that amazing!!

This month we celebrate Labor Day and Grandparents Day. To thank those in the work force residents will be making thank you cards and passing them out to local business and staff. Grandparents Day is celebrated on Sunday, September 12th. As always, visitors and grandkids are welcomed to come visit! The Friday before we will be discussing the history of Grandparents Day and the joys that being a grandparent brings.

Please continue to wear a mask, wash your hands thoroughly, and use hand sanitizers. As preferred, please call ahead of visits so that we can make sure to have your loved ones ready for your visit.  

Destiny Ortman – Recreation Program Director