Birds can bring us joy when we watch them.  There are benefits to watching birds: it lowers our blood pressure and calms our mind to name of few.  We become committed to the birds we see outside our windows and want to feed and care for them.  It becomes a routine to sit and watch them daily.  They teach us patience, quiet, and calmness in a world that has already taught us about this with COVID-19.  The therapeutic power of watching birds is called Ornitherapy.

The purpose of this article though is, when we bring bird seed into our community, we need to store it in a sealed plastic container.  This is to prevent unwanted larvae and moths that can grow in the birdseed and multiply quickly.  Birdseed also attracts mice.  If you have any questions, or need assistance with filling your bird feeder, please ask.

Stay Safe!

Valerie Canby – Assisted Living Director